Carrie had mostly the same feeling when she saw those lines turn pink that other women have who are not looking for pregnancy and yet are there. She was horrified, stressed and a bit confused. This was the first time she was in this condition and she obviously felt the heat but it was an important decision and she had to take it calmly.

Carrie had an involving job, she was in the midst of getting a promotion she was trying hard about and the pregnancy would obviously have affected it. It’s not Carrie wasn’t aware of it, she was on oral contraceptive yet she was standing here on the crossroads where t one point was what could become be a life and the other point everything she held close to her. Carrie had plans for life, she wanted to do things, and she wanted to roam the world, be at the pinnacle of what she did.

The timing couldn’t have been worse, it exactly happened when she did not want it which is why it was unintentional. She anyway informed her guy, he was all support and everything but Carrie knew he didn’t want it too, they were birth not ready to commit yet, just the thought of not being able to do what she wanted in life terrified her, this was one reason she never got into a serious relationship, it wasn’t the pregnancy that she feared, she loved children, she wanted to be a mother someday, the timing, that was the issue here.

Carrie told her guy she was thinking of aborting the pregnancy and noticed a kind of relief on his face, she felt the same too. She knew she would be a mother at some point, just not now so she chooses Generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pills MTP Kit to conclude her pregnancy.